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Caterpillars Count! Citizen Science Project

Caterpillars Count! is a project that relies on citizen scientists (you!) to help understand some of the most important organisms in our ecosystems—caterpillars and other insects—by conducting surveys of the plants and trees around them. Your observations can also help track how the abundance of caterpillars and other insects varies over the seasons. The seasonal […]

Zugunruhefest – Center for Birds of Prey ~ September 15-17 2016

Introducing Zugunruhefest – the Southeast’s most comprehensive migration-focused birding festival. Zugunruhe (zu – gun – rue) is a German word derived from Zug (move, migration) and Unruhe (restlessness). This state of restlessness is commonly noted in migratory animals, especially birds. As fall approaches and instincts prevail, birds are compelled by this silent call to take […]

The Coastal Geology and Ecology of South Carolina Lecture ~September 6th 2016

The coastal geology of South Carolina is complex, formed by the combined processes of sea level rise, sediment supply, waves, and tides. This presentation consists of two parts. Part I describes the general processes and landforms of the coast, explaining the history of how the South Carolina coast evolved and how processes such as waves, […]

Wood Magic Forest Fair Volunteers Needed!!

Consider volunteering your time to help South Carolina’s students know the importance of forests and the forest industry to their everyday lives. There will be three events this fall:             Piedmont Forestry Center (Tamassee)-September 20-23             Harbison State Forest (Columbia)-October 10-14             Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center (Georgetown)-November 15-18 To conduct these programs they need approximately 30 volunteers […]

Crabbers Needed for a developing Diamondback Terrapin Study!!

Diamondback terrapins are the only exclusively estuarine turtle found in North American and in South Carolina, they are listed as a “high priority” species for conservation in the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. Dr. Michael D. Arendt, Assistant Marine Scientist at the SC Department of Natural Resources is still looking for folks that would be interested in participating […]

Free Workshop on Communicating about Climate Change ~ Friday September 9th 2016

Hosted by ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve and SC Department of Natural Resources, this workshop will provide a review of climate change causes and impacts and introduce participants to the elements of strategic framing of varying climate change topics. The workshop takes place from 8:30am to 12pm at the Fort Johnson Marine Research Resource Institute Indoor […]

Volunteers Needed for the Annual SC Coastal Raptor Migration Survey!!

Fall is rapidly approaching and that means one thing… Hawk Watch is back! The Center for Birds of Prey is recruiting volunteers for the annual South Carolina Coastal Raptor Migration Survey and would love your help! The survey runs September 1st through November 30th and standard observation hours are 10am-1pm, but observation beyond these hours […]

Volunteers Needed for the Bulls Bay Nature Festival ~ May 21st 2016

The Seewee Center needs volunteers for the Bulls Bay Nature Festival on May 21st. Volunteers will help with checking people in, guiding them to activities, taking photos of the activities, etc. Here is a list of the activities that are planned. BBNF Activity Descriptions 2016-Draft For more information about the festival please click this link. Volunteers should […]