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SC Breeding Bird Survey Route Volunteers Needed!

Hello Bird Enthusiasts!

As SC state coordinator for the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) I’d like to send a call out to see if any of you are interested in volunteering to run one or more available BBS routes. We have several vacant routes in SC-13 in the Southeastern coastal plain and 4 in the Piedmont. A map of available routes and information about the BBS can be found here

For anyone not familiar with the BBS, each route consists of 50 three-minute stops at 0.5 mile intervals along a 24.5 mile route. All the stops are roadside. Each route is conducted once a year between mid May to late June. The survey starts 30 minutes before sunrise and is typically finished in about 4 hours. Volunteers need to be able to identify all the anticipated breeding bird species in the area by sight and sound; most birds detected will only be by their vocalizations. The BBS prefers if volunteers are willing to commit to running a route for at least 3 years when possible.

If you are interested in volunteering, or have any additional questions, please let me know.


Amy Tegeler ~ SCDNR Bird Conservation Coordinator

SC BBS Coordinator 803-521-2119

Photo by Keith McCullough