Board of Directors

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2020 Coastal Master Naturalists Board of Directors

President – Rick Calvert

Vice President – Laura Murray

Membership Chair – Bill Reehl 

Secretary – Allyssa Zebrowski

Treasurer – Linda Rowe

 Advisor – Debbie Seabrook (Past President)

At Large Member – Ed Blitch

At Large Member – Gail Rahn

At Large Member – Nicole Marie Pettinelli

CCPRC Liaison – Kristina Wheeler

Events Committee Chair – Debbie Seabrook

Events Committee Members: Dave Eslinger, Laura Murray, Rick Calvert, Nicole Marie Pettinelli, Jen Jerome

Communications Committee Chair – Laura Murray (VP serves as Chair)

Communications Committee Members: Dave Eslinger, Mike Jones, Tara Bailey, Debbie Seabrook, Rick Calvert, Kristina Wheeler