Board of Directors for 2022

Thanks to all our volunteers that keep our Association going!

President – Dave Eslinger
I’m an oceanographer by training, but I enjoy all aspects of natural history, especially birds and herps. I currently work for NOAA but will be retiring in May 2022 to spend more time playing in nature. I have a couple of dogs, but more importantly, a couple of grandsons. They are just getting told enough that I’ve started teaching them the joy of finding things under logs!

Vice President – Colin Hocking
I’m a mostly retired photographer and I love to teach photography, lead workshops and tours around the country, and to England. My wife and I have three rescue cats: Ben the Bengal, Lizzie the Russian Blue, and Maddie the Moggie.

Membership Chair – Bill Reehl

Secretary – Allyssa Zebrowski

Treasurer – Amy Evans
I serve as the Director of parks and Recreation for the Town of Summerville. Before my current position I was employed by Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission. I live in Ridgeville, SC with my husband, 3 children, and many animals including goats and chickens.

At Large Member – Christine Magnarella Ray
I graduated from the Coastal Master Naturalist program in the spring of 2019. I volunteer as a CCPRC Natural History Interpreter and I’ve participated in Oyster Reef Restoration and litter clean-ups. I’m 14 years away from retirement, which has been my goal since I was a small child. At that time, I plan to devote all my time to being outdoors.

At Large Member – Patrick Markham
I have been an avid birder for many years and I enjoy RVing and spending time outdoors in new places. I spend a fair amount of time woodworking in my garage shop, and the highlight of any day is spending time with my grandkids, especially if we are exploring the natural world.

At Large Member – John Bigler
I’m a former windsurfer and retired patent attorney with a long-haired Siberian cat and a home workshop where I’ve been trying t create a 1950’s racecar, just for fun.

Advisor – Debbie Seabrook
I’m recently interested in herbalism, especially using locally available plants (native and naturalized). I like snakes, and I have chickens, and I’m always available for a directionless ramble in nature!

CCPRC Liaison – Kristina Wheeler

To contact any Board member, email

Events Committee Chair – Debbie Seabrook
Events Committee Members: Dave Eslinger 

Communications Committee Chair –¬†Colin Hocking
Communications Committee Members: Christine Magnarella Ray, Laura Bridgeman