Advanced Training Opportunity: Native Plant Symposium

The 14th annual Native Plant Symposium

On September 13 and 14, the Highlands Biological Foundation (HBF) will host its 14th Annual Native Plant Symposium on landscaping and gardening with native plants at the Performing Arts Center in Highlands.  The Symposium features lectures from well-known regional gardeners and conservationists; wine reception, native plant auction, and field trips, all of which are designed to help participants incorporate concepts of ecology and conservation into their gardening practices.

This year’s Symposium will feature four lectures.  Friday evening, Patrick McMillan will discuss “Natural Communities at Risk in the Southern Blue Ridge.”  There will be three lectures on Saturday before the plant auction.  Kimberly Brand will talk about “Bird-Friendly Landscaping: How You Can Help Birds.”  Landscape Architect Tres Fromme will encourage you to “Abandon Yourself to Design.”  Timothy P. Spira’s lecture is on “Rich Cove Forests: The Most Species-Rich Community in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.”  Dr. Spira is a professor at Clemson University and the author of Wildflowers and Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont.

The Highlands community has long held the plateau’s native flora in high esteem.  All of the proceeds from the Symposium benefit the Highlands Botanical Garden, which residents and visitors of Highlands have enjoyed since 1962 when it was established as a refuge for southern Appalachian plants.  Within walking distance from town, this 12-acre Garden is an invaluable resource to the region.

For more information about the speakers or the schedule visit or call (828) 526-2221.
eth Harrison
Vice President – Membership

Upstate Master Naturalist Association