Just for FUN

I want to recommend a fantastic Nature video from 2020 that is worth re-watching if you’ve already seen it. I recently re-visited the viral video from last May featuring a Squirrel Obstacle Course built by YouTuber, Mark Rober. He’s a former NASA and Apple engineer, who innocently settled into quarantine with the intention of finding a squirrel proof bird feeder.
If you haven’t seen this 20-minute video, you are in for a treat. Trust me. When you have some time, sit down at your largest screen (your phone will not do this justice) to watch this entertaining video.

Original Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course:

As a bonus for 2021, there is a NEW version of the obstacle course. Check out the next link for more amazing squirrel problem-solving adventures. I guarantee, you will have a renewed appreciation for squirrels.

Version 2.0 Obstacle Course: