Multiple Ways to Volunteer with SCORE

If you are looking for volunteer hours in an outdoor activity that will make a impact on the marine habitat and cleaner water, while working with knowledgeable DNR staff and like minded volunteers, check out the SC DNR’s Oyster Recycling and Enhancement (SCORE) program.  These are usually sponsored by a local group, but open to public.  Most of the groups you will know; Charleston Waterkeepers is a sponsor of many of these events.  Open to all ages and you will have fun!

Fall/Winter Events

Shell Bagging.  Bagging events last about an hour and half to two hours, usually at Fort Johnson, moderate lifting and no plough mud.

There is also seed collection in the Fall.   Seed collection training (free) should begin soon.   Once trained, seed collection can be an individual effort.

Spring/Summer Events

Build the Oyster reef on the marsh.  This can be a very muddy adventure! Wear old clothes and shoes that can be washed.  Events last one and a half to two hours.  These sites are mostly in the Charleston county area, but cover the entire SC coast. So there will be events close no matter where you live.

Grass planting.  These sites are generally behind the oyster reefs and are in conjunction with a reef build.  

All year

Shell Sorting, scheduled for most Tuesdays at 1 PM.  This is sorting trash out of piles of shells at DNR storage locations before the shell is bagged, at the old Charleston Naval Yard.  This has a lot of bending, but no heavy lifting or plough mud.

Under the SCORE home page there is a calendar. RSVP here or at the sponsor’s web site. Score follows CDC guidance on masks.

Any of these SCORE activities qualify towards your annual 30 hours of Volunteering. To log your hours, go to the Master Naturalist Online Volunteer Hour Reporting System.