A message from CMNA’s Events and Friend Activities Committe Chair

One of the great benefits about belonging to the CMNA is your ability to participate in social, educational and informative events and field experiences offered by ours and other groups. Because you are invested in the local environment and share the perspective of other Master Naturalists, your ability to identify unique events and activities is both valued and needed.

In order to expand the number of opportunities for all members we have set up an Events and Field Activities Committee of which Bill Thielfoldt is the chair and is responsible for soliciting member participation.

Individual and willing CMNA members will be responsible for identifying and coordinating the event or activity.  This will involve initial and ongoing contact with the event or activity sponsor, arranging logistics (where and when to meet) and follow through to completion.  The committee is responsible for approving and compiling all field events and activities that are generated by the CMNA membership at large.

For an approved event or activity, the originating member will coordinate the event and will be responsible for interfacing with the event or activity contact (if there is one) through completion. The Event and Field Activities Committee will keep the originating member apprised of sign up activity and will send out reminders to the participating members. Contact Bill Thielfoldt for more information.

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