Crabbers Needed for a developing Diamondback Terrapin Study!!

Diamondback terrapins are the only exclusively estuarine turtle found in North American and in South Carolina, they are listed as a “high priority” species for conservation in the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.

Dr. Michael D. Arendt, Assistant Marine Scientist at the SC Department of Natural Resources is still looking for folks that would be interested in participating in a Bycatch Reduction Device (BRD) evaluation study. He is looking for both commercial and recreational blue crabbers to help test out BRDs on crab traps. Please visit this link to fill out a short survey OR feel free email him at or call 843-953-9097 for more information.

Another way you can help out this research, if you are not a crabber, is to act as a citizen scientist and become familiar with the Diamonback Terrapin Reporting Form. Use it as often as you can, along with telling others about it! Click here for access to this form! and for more general information about these amazing reptiles click on this link!