Volunteers needed to help monitor Least Terns nesting sites!!

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources currently needs help monitoring Least Terns nesting on rooftops in the area. Volunteers would be responsible for visiting the site at least once a week (or more if you can) at any time of day and recording observations using a designated form (observations are made from the ground  – no one goes on the roof). Observation details include: looking for behavior like fish carrying, flushing from the roof, etc.  When chicks have hatched and are mobile, volunteers will walk around the building looking for chicks on the ground, catch them, and get them back on the roof (this is an important component).  All chick catching equipment and ways to return chicks to roof will be provided and discussed. 

If anyone is available to volunteer, please call  Mary-Catherine Martin (SCDNR Wildlife Biologist) at MartinMC@dnr.sc.gov or 843-509-4845. She would be glad for folks to do a nesting site visit with her to see if this is something they can volunteer to do. For further info, visit this link: http://dnr.sc.gov/wildlife/species/coastalbirds/seabirds/leastterns.html

Least Tern