A Call for Help from SCDNR about Bat Monitoring

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has partnered with Clemson University, University of NC at Greensboro and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to initiate in-state acoustic bat monitoring within the NABat framework.

The purpose is to standardize some bat monitoring across the continent to gather trend data and to answer some local questions as well. Basically, USGS laid out a grid system over North America and then randomly numbered the grids or cells. Low numbered grids are the highest priority sites for sampling (so you don’t get to choose grids you’d like to sample although that sort of sampling can be added on). Last year was the first year of the project and sampling was good but they would like even better coverage this year!

Ben Neece, is the graduate student implementing the NABat acoustic sampling in SC and he needs cooperating landowners for establishment of point counts in some selected cells . The goal is also to get the most bat diversity in that area (so setting up on forest edge or area where several community types merge is useful). If you know of any properties in any of the cells mapped and could help them get permission to use the location, it would be extremely helpful to the project. Ben directs people to the map page on his site . He is also looking for volunteers to help set up and take down point counts (set up on day and taken down 4 days later). Sampling starts in May at the SE coast and then works north and inland, ending in July in the upstate. Please contact Benjamin Neece bneece@g.clemson.edu if you think you can help out!