Help Identify Invasive Phragmites in the ACE!

Invasive Phragmites (Common Reed) are easy to identify in winter!

Winter Phragmites

Phragmites plants remain erect through the winter if not disturbed. The stems, leaves, and seeds are light brown. Most of the seeds remain on the plant. Typically, the seeds are on one side of the plant when found in the marsh (in the direction of the prevailing wind.)

Phragmites australis, typically known as Phragmites (pronounced frag-my-tees) , is an invasive aquatic grass. There are known populations in the ACE Basin, but the distribution currently is limited. The ACE Basin Task Force is attempting to document the locations of Phragmites in the ACE Basin to develop a plan for treating this destructive, invasive plant.

Please report locations of Phragmites in the ACE Basin to or call 843-300-0421.

Please click on this link to see a flyer about the project! ACE Basin Phrag