Please report your volunteer hours by July 1st !

The purpose of the volunteer service requirement of the SC Master Naturalist Program is to provide a service to the community or state with regard to natural resources; to help the volunteer gain knowledge and experience; and to support the work of the State Office, partner agencies and Host Sites through volunteerism.

Master Naturalist volunteer service hours are very important to the SC Master Naturalist program and its many affiliated organizations. The educational service you provide to the visitors to our parks and the environmental service projects in which you participate demonstrate your value and the value of the SC Master Naturalist Program to the state of South Carolina.

Please help keep our partners and Clemson university administration aware of the benefit that you provide. Report your volunteer service and advanced training hours in the SC Master Naturalist Online Volunteer Hour Reporting System. At the end of June each year, I generate a report of your hours from July 1 through June 30 which I then report through a system just like the Master Naturalist reporting system. Your volunteer service hours are multiplied by a dollar value published by the Independent Sector, a coalition of charities, foundations, corporations, and individuals that publishes research important to the nonprofit sector. The current hourly value of your volunteer service in South Carolina is $20.56.

The other reason to update your hours is to qualify for the amethyst that goes in your name tag for yearly service (January to December) in the SC Master Naturalist Program. Jewels are presented by the local associations or host sites. In order to receive your amethyst, your 30 hours per year must be reported in the online system.

Most Master Naturalists should have received a username and password to access the online reporting system. If you need your username or if you need your password reset please contact me at The username and temporary password can only be assigned by me.

The reporting system can be found at

Please report your hours for July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 by July 1, 2015.

Thank you for your service to SC.

Dr. James H. Blake, State Coordinator, SC Master Naturalist Program

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