Volunteer Opportunities at Summers Corner

The defining piece of Summers Corner, a master planned community in Summerville, is the landscape. Nature will be on display. Our goal for the parks and gardens embedded within this first phase of Summers Corner is to observe and share with the general public and Summers Corner residents the transformation of new habitats from pine forest to a wide variety of landscapes by incorporating educational program offerings, wildlife tours and bird watching activities. The Summers Corner team has been working with its partners to create natural habitat parks and gardens that incorporate native plants and diverse landscapes that allow for wildlife to thrive. One of the natural wildlife focal points for this project are birds. We hope to attract various species throughout the entire community. Some of the types of landscapes included in the project are:

  • Upland mixed forest
  • Longleaf pine meadow
  • Cypress pond pine Savanna
  • Carolina bays
  • Bottomland hardwoods
  • Pine grass meadow understory
  • Bottomlands

Duties: Summers Corner is currently seeking Master Naturalist(s) who would like to participate through volunteer efforts to become part of the initial stages of this project and eventual grow with it as it evolves and matures. Volunteer opportunities would include:

  • Working with the Summers Corner team to provide guidance/input on optimal bird box locations for cavity nesters and optimal roosting locations within the designated areas.
  • Providing guidance/input on a sustainable maintinance plan for birdhouses, boxes and roosting environments.
  • Work with the Summers Corner team to create and administer ongoing educational experiences focused on habitat and birds for school aged children and the general public.
  • Willing to explore additional opportunities that may develop as the project evolves.

Interested parties should contact Terry Freeman via email at terry@twoforkscollective.com

Please include a resume, previous related volunteer experience and a brief statement on why this volunteer opportunity is of interest to you.