Volunteer Needs at Roxbury Park in Megget, SC

Ken Carman is looking for volunteers to assist with ongoing activities at Roxbury Park in Megget, SC. Throughout certain areas of the park, Ken has prized perennials (pollinator attractors) that will be either mowed, burned, and/or sprayed. He is in the process of transplanting them, but the scope of the project is more than one person can handle. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Sea Ox-eye Daisies that grow in the path around the big pond, as well as in the lawn around the cottage. These areas are mowed seasonally, and the plants do not get a chance to bloom. He also has hundreds of a variety of Aster growing in two portions of a hay field. Not only does he want to “rescue” them form future burns and/or spraying, but he also wants to plant them in beds so that they can be mulched, and grow without competition.

The nature of the work is fairly easy, it is the volume that is overwhelming. This could be a group outing, and/or individuals could come out at their convenience. BTW, volunteers would be welcome to dig up and take some small cedar trees if anyone had interest.

Also on Monday, February 16th, Roxbury Park is holding their annual bird count. With the completion of the new bridge and boardwalk, the addition of brush piles and perches in the hay field, and a 1:30 PM low tide, this year promises to be even better than last year. Open this link (2015 Bird Count)  to learn more about the plans.  Just like last year, this will be an all-day event, but they are looking for participants to be there for one time slot. If you are able and decide to stay for more of the day, that is great, but not what they are expecting.

Feel free to contact Ken Carman at (843)303-8613 or email kcthetc1@yahoo.com with questions.