Volunteer Opportunities at Rosebrock Park

An invitation from Eric Davis, Director of Dorchester County Parks and Recreation…..

I am the new Director of the newly established Dorchester County Parks and Recreation Department (and a former Master Naturalist – I completed the Upstate MN course a few years back). We currently are planning for a large park system, but only have one open park at this time – Rosebrock Park, which is a nature trail and conservation area on the Ashley River in Dorchester County.

While we are working on building our park system, we also are hoping to establish a basic level of volunteer programming at Rosebrock Park. We are currently working with volunteers to offer programming in the spring such as a Geocaching 101 course and bird walks provided by Beidler Forest staff. I’m hoping some of your members might be interested in knocking out some of their volunteer hours by leading some type of walk/talk/workshop/etc in the park. There are a wide range of themes such as wetlands, bottomland forest, man’s impact on the landscape, salt/freshwater estuaries, tree/plant ID, animal inhabitants, etc.

If anyone might be interested, they can contact me via email edavis@dorchestercounty.net or call (843)563-0193 .

Best regards,

Eric Davis
Director of Parks and Recreation
Dorchester County, SC
201 Johnston St., St. George, SC 29477