Volunteer Opportunity to survey for Black Rails at Caw Caw

Researchers are looking for two to three volunteers who would be willing to survey Caw Caw County Park for the elusive Black Rail on Wednesday June 18th starting at 6:30pm. There is a planned route for the survey. Volunteers will be at the first survey point at 7pm and with 7 sites and an 8 minute survey, the work should be done between 9 and 9:30pm. Volunteers will be playing recordings of black rail vocalizations and listening for a response. Training will be provided, but experience identifying birds by their calls would be helpful. Surveyors will need to be able to walk to sites, stand while playing a recording and listening for a response, and record detailed observations on data sheets. Please contact Nicholas Wallover by phone 843 844 8822 or email wallovern@dnr.sc.gov.

Feel free to click on these two documents below for even more information!

2014 Black Rail Survey Overview

USFWS Black Rail Fact Sheet

Black Rail