Volunteer at Resource Recovery Tents for the Charleston County Park’s Holiday Festival of Lights!

Charleston County Parks is always trying to leave as small of an ecological footprint as possible during their events. With the help of many volunteers, helpful patrons and Food Waste Disposal, LLC, nearly all of the waste produced from the food and beverage vendors at the 2014 Lowcountry Cajun Festival was either recycled or composted. An estimated 1,175 pounds of waste was composted and 160 pounds was recycled. This also translates into 91.4% of the waste produced at this festival being diverted from the landfill! How was this accomplished you might ask? Throughout the festival grounds, tents called “Resource and Recovery” stations were on site, where guests deposited their waste. Under these tents, conscientious volunteers helped sort waste products into recyclables, compostables, and waste for the landfill, the latter of which was kept to an extreme minimum.

Resource and Recovery tents are now on site at most of CCPRC’s large events in support of the agency’s environmental stewardship initiatives and they are launching these tents for the first time at the Holiday Festival of Lights which just officially began! They are looking for volunteers to assist and this would be a neat way to gather some volunteer hours!

Dates that are needed are as follows…… – Friday, Nov 28th (need 3)

– Saturday, Nov 29th (need 3)

– Friday, Dec 5th (need 2)

– Saturday, Dec 6th (need 2)

– Friday, Dec 12th (need 3)

– Saturday, Dec 13th (need 1)

– Friday, Dec 19th (need 2)

– Saturday, Dec 20th (need 1)

– Sunday, Dec 21st thru Saturday, Dec 27th *excluding xmas day* (need 3 volunteers each of these nights)

– Sunday, Dec 28th (need 1)

All shifts begin at 5:00pm and end at 11:00pm Fridays & Saturdays; end at 10:30pm Sunday-Thursday.

Here is the link to the posting on our volunteer site for more info:  http://app.volunteer2.com/Public/Organization/991bce56-77bc-4375-a3e9-a1b156683961/Activity/a92f1eaf-c3da-4c51-b10f-5bc4d38b2901

Please contact Sarah Giles, CCPRC Stewardship Aide, with any questions at sgiles@ccprc.com.