Volunteers Needed for Horseshoe Crab Beach Surveys!

SCDNR can use your help with their annual Horseshoe Crab beach survey in Beaufort County, SC, where they’ll be performing mark-recapture tagging and population surveys of spawning horseshoe crab populations.  They will be performing these surveys the day of, and the day after full and new moon high tides in May and June at three sites per night. This will stretch their team a bit thin, and in order to sample an appropriate amount of sites, they will be relying on the help of volunteers to assist the effort!

They will need about nine to twelve volunteers per evening as they plan to have three, 4 -5 person crews/evening at different sites on St. Helena and Hilton Head Islands.  Crews will enjoy a nightly walk on the beach (500 meter transect counting and identifying sex of Horseshoe Crabs), and, on the first night of the two night set, hands-on animal interaction (tagging of Horseshoe Crabs)! Volunteers will be required to wear close-toed shoes or boots, and be prepared to survey in water up to the thigh or waist.

If this sounds like it suits your fancy, please visit this survey monkey link to sign up for days and sites.  Please notice that there are additional opportunities in late May to help their birder friends from Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries with the same surveys in Bulls Bay.  The slots will be first come first serve, if they get enough interest.  Sign up deadline is 4/8/2016!  Stephen Czwartacki, SCDNR Wildlife Biologist, will send all who sign up, an email with more details once the results are in.  Please feel free to contact him with any questions at (843) 953-9068 or czwartackis@dnr.sc.gov