Volunteer to Upkeep Rain Gardens

Summary: Rain Garden demonstration sites around the Tri-county area have a visitation estimated at over 60,000 individuals per year.

This volunteer opportunity involves help in keeping these ~ 20 demonstration sites (permanent exhibits) looking beautiful. These sites are used to illustrate best management practices and environmentally friendly gardening, helping citizens become better stewards of their community. They play an important role in educating the public in general about rain gardens and rain barrels and illustrating xxxx .  Depending on the site, a flexible routine maintenance schedule, might include using a leaf blower to clean out pervious pavement or emptying the first flush diverter on a cistern. It would also include some more routine tasks like weeding and hedging when needed. According to Kim, most of the sites are pretty self-sustainable but could use someone committed to keeping an eye on it (maybe “adopt” a site), in the ball park of a bi-monthly visits at two hours a time (~15 hours annually per site). This would be especially important if an “educational tour” was scheduled for the site. She also indicated that creative suggestions on signage and placard design would be welcome from Master Naturalists for many of the sites (Clemson hired a designer for the signs and our suggestions would be welcome!).

Contact person: Kim Counts, Clemson Carolina Clear Water Resources Agent, Clemson Extension kcounts@clemson.edu