Volunteers Needed for Summer Bat Surveys!!

Jennifer Kindel, with the SC Department of Natural Resources, will be conducting targeted mist netting at properties in Beaufort, Charleston and Greenville Counties. The goal is to capture northern long-eared bats (any Myotid bat or tri-colored bat capture will be useful). Jennifer would like to have local volunteer help to record data, assist in decontamination to avoid the spread of White-nose Syndrome in bats, and help raising and lowering the nets. No volunteer handling of bats is permitted unless the volunteer has up-to-date rabies shots, but it will be a great opportunity to see these wonderful creatures and be part of an important research project. During the 2016 season, 106 individuals of eight different bat species were captured, and other nocturnal creatures encountered included Southern Flying Squirrels, Luna Moths and Polyphemus Silkmoths.

Starting at the end of May through early August 2017, sites to be netted include Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve, Tom Yawkey Heritage Preserve, Watson-Cooper Heritage Preserve, and Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve. This involves being on site in the evening for set-up and netting until 2:00 AM and then clean-up (decontamination of nets, ropes, clothing and other materials).

Interested persons should contact Jennifer Kindel at kindelj@dnr.sc.gov